Welcome to DevaMC!

Currently working:

Login feature, AuthMe to avoid people using other people’s accounts;
No premium account needed, cracked clients can join.

Newbie friendly –

  • Starter items gifted (basic tools).

Gamemode –

  • Factions – Create your faction, claim land, declare war and allies, dominate.

Economy –

  • Sell items you have in hand;
  • Sign shops, create your own shop for the players.


  • Hunt monsters + players for money;
  • Steal money from other players pockets;
  • Put a bounty on your enemies and get them killed;
  • Achievements & bonuses – There are many achievements and bonuses to get from killing monsters. /mobhunt kills or /mobhunt achievements;
  • Leaderboards – Top killer (monsters and players) are shown on spawn.

Worlds –

  • Mining world, world to get destroyed by players that only plan on mining;
  • End and nether can be accessed via warp/portal since join;
  • Warp/TP into the wilderness and explore with /wild;

Bonus content –

  • Time rewards – Play the game to get promotions and access to more commands/features;
  • Backpack acessed in any time in the world to prevent getting items stolen in pvp or to have important items for combat;
  • Lag decreasing/server optimization tools enabled;
  • Veinminer – Instantly mine a vein of a certain ore or chop down an entire tree;
  • Holographic signs/display information arround the map to help;
  • Costum plugins for events (Disguise tools + arena area for pvp);
  • Skull Collection – The player has now a change to start his own Skull Collection. Every time the player kills a mob, he has a change to get a skull;
  • Mining rewards that can be exchanged to a super enchant, trade must be done with a staff, trade list awaiting to be made;
  • Plugin to help scripting/editing game features with ease;
  • Leveling up skills, mining, digging, killing and get extra perks/habilities for your character;

Still working on:

  • Webshop;
  • Anti-cheat;
  • Donator and ingame shop;
  • Donator kit’s and permissions;
  • Costum titles for events & donations.